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Canmore flooding: June 25, 1974

Canmore has always been susceptible to flooding given its low-lying location on the Bow River floodplain. For people who lived near the river on both sides of Canmore, flooding was a simple fact of life. Provincial records indicate the Bow … Continue reading

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Falling off the history rails… and climbing back up.

Is it just me or has life been extra busy of late, what with Christmas, Norovirus, work, head colds, work, raising a child, dog walking… and on it goes! However, the great thing about falling off the rails – with … Continue reading

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Cochrane Mine Site (1888-1893)

I took the photograph of the marsh 24 years ago. I was 17 at the time and spent most of my time outside with my first camera, a graduation present from my parents. Having grown up at the end of … Continue reading

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Old Canmore School

We entered the school through an archway in the centre of the brick-and-stone building and went up a steep set of stairs that rose a half-storey through the facade to the main floor. In the classrooms, the blackboards stood at … Continue reading

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Canmore Multiplex site: Canmore’s birthplace

If you take a drive along Railway Avenue or even Bow Valley Trail, it is impossible to miss the concrete pillars rising up over a site that for so many years saw little use beyond the occasional stint as a … Continue reading

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